Pocket money, remuneration, other benefits

Which benefits can the volunteers expect during their FSJ? Do they get a salary, wage, remuneration or pocket money? The questions are answered as follows: The volunteer does not earn a wage as the FSJ is no employment or apprenticeship. The work is voluntary. However, volunteers have a right to a pocket money and many other benefits.

Pocket money

During the FSJ a pocket money is paid according to the regulations of the supporting institution or the place of assignment respectively. Law established a maximum of pocket money, which is six percent of the respective contribution limit for the pension insurance of workers and employees. Currently these are 330 euros. Yet, the average payment amounts to 150 euros per month only.

Right to free accommodation and meals

Generally, the volunteer has a right to free accommodation and meals by the place of assignment. Some places of assignment also offer work clothes. If no accommodation or meals are provided, this has to be compensated financially.

Right to child benefit

The volunteers have a right to child benefits, child relief and other child related benefits during their voluntary social year.

Social insurance

The volunteers of a FSJ are exempted from contributions to the statutory social insurance. Compulsory insurances are health insurance, long-term care insurance, pension insurance, accidence insurance and the statutory unemployment insurance. The contributions are paid completely by the place of assignment or the supporting institution (which means the employer’s share and the employee’s share).

Holiday entitlement

The volunteers are entitled to at least 24 leave days in twelve months of engagement. According to the law on youth workers‘ protection, minors have a longer holiday entitlement.

Right to educational supervision

The volunteer of a FSJ has a legal right to educational supervision and advice. The supporting institution and the place of assignment are responsible together. Yet, the place of assignment alone is responsible for technical instructions. The supporting institution as central body has to organize at least 25 days of workshops. Additionally, it has to be granted sufficient time for individual support.

FSJ identity card

As soon as the volunteers start their engagement, they receive a FSJ identity card. This card entitles the volunteer to the same privileges as apprentices or pupils hold.

Written job reference

After completing the voluntary social year the volunteer can demand a written reference on his activity from the supporting institution.

Work protection law

The general regulations on work protection and industrial safety apply to the volunteers correspondingly.

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