Application for the voluntary social year (FSJ?) in Germany

The application for a voluntary social year should be similar to an application for an apprenticeship. In the following, we give a few hints on writing an application letter for the FSJ.

Application form

The supporting institutions of the FSJ often offer an application form. This can be requested via phone or internet at the responsible FSJ institution. Otherwise, a conventional letter of application is necessary.

Content of the application

The application for a FSJ place should include the following things:

Contact person

The application can be addressed to the place of assignment as well as to the supporting institution. Yet, the place of assignment is preferable. A contact person should be found, who is addressed personally in the letter, additionally to the general phrase „sehr geehrte Damen und Herren“.


The personal reasons to serve a FSJ and to serve it at exactly the chosen place of assignment should become clear.

Preferred starting date

To allow for the time management of the place of assignment or the supporting institution, the preferred earliest or latest starting date should be given. If a time frame has to be considered, this should be given as well.

Special skills

Special skills or qualities that could be helpful to the actual place of assignment should be emphasized.

Curriculum vitae

The application should contain a curriculum vitae in table form.


Like in many other cases, the first impression is important. Therefore a good impression should be given. This is supported by a professional photograph.

It seems to be obvious that also the external appearance of the FSJ application is important for the success. An appealing application folder therefore is indispensable.

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