Health insurance and social insurance during the FSJ

Volunteers, who serve a FSJ are compulsorily insured with the statutory social insurance. Especially important is the health insurance. Yet, a volunteer is also member of the pension insurance and the unemployment insurance.

This also applies to other voluntary services, named in § 32 section 4 number 2 character d EStG (Income Tax Act). If it is regarded as occupation according to the application of the Book of the Social Security Code, the members are insured in the different branches of social insurance; that is in pension insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance. The term occupation in § 7 section 1 of the Fourth Book of the Social Security Code (SGB IV) is interpreted widely by case law and thereby includes not only traditional employment relationships, but also voluntary services.

The statutory accidence insurance insures the participants of a FSJ or other voluntary services either as occupants or – in case of no occupation relationship – according to explicit legal regulations (§ 2 section 1 number 1, section 1a, section 3 number 2b and c Seventh Book of the Social Security Code (SGB VII)). The usually paid „pocket money“ as well as free accommodation and meals are considered as wage for the social insurance.

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