Jessie Leticia aus kampala, Uganda

Bewerbung: Bundesfreiwilligendienst, Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr


I am a 25year old Ugandan female. I currently hold a Bachelor’s degree in Social Development and Counselling with Counselling as my major. I have had some experience in customer service and basic public health acquired from my time with Kampala Mother-Baby Medical Center. I volunteered with Raleigh Uganda and worked mostly at the Uganda Wildlife Education Center, had the opportunity to work with The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) during my 3 months internship and have recently been Volunteering with a local NGO funding children’s education.
In all this voluntary work, I have managed to acquire inter-personal skills as I had to constantly work with people at all times. My communication skills also developed tremendously as the more I had to interact with different categories of people, I, with time learnt how best to get my message across to these people and have them understand fully. I found myself working alongside others during most of my time as a volunteer and as a result, I have very good teamwork skills. I enjoy working with others to achieve a common goal. I have overtime become very accommodating of other people’s views and beliefs even when they are contradictory to my own as compromise is part of team work if it will maintain unity. I have been exposed to different environment and as a result, i am adoptive to my environment and community easily. I am a quick learner and very flexible person as people don’t come with a manual hence the need to adjust to different individuals accordingly.
These skills have helped me at my place of work as I am able to apply them as I carry on with my daily activities. I have also been able to use these skills to help others as I take part in workshops as a guest speaker in schools and other facilities to share my knowledge and skills with others. This I have also extended to my church as while most members of my community are divided along religious denominations, I find myself accommodating of the differences in religious views and as a result, I work well with others in spite of our religious and even cultural differences which has inspired some people to do the same.
The need to be part of something bigger than myself has driven me to try out different activities. In this pursue for greatness, I discovered that I find a lot of fulfillment in working in the social development sector and it also gives me the opportunity to make a difference in community or in someone’s life. With my own experience, I believe I too can be an asset to this organization as we each experience life events differently and one’s experience can be an education to another person. This is an experience that I can use to reach a new level in my career and my work experience. I may not know the specific skills I will acquire from working with you at the moment but I am positive that even just the exposure to a new work environment will be a gift to my personal development and experience. It will also influence in the way I approach different aspects of life like academics, health care, security, inter personal relations, among others depending on my experience with you.


Art der Stelle:

Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr


Kinder- und Jugendhilfe


3 / 2019

Dauer der Anstellung:

24 Monate

Persönliche Daten:

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