Juliet aus Mombasa

Bewerbung: Bundesfreiwilligendienst, Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr, Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr Digital


I have a passion in art and I would like to share what I know with others as well as learn from those I meet if I will be offered a chance to volunteer.

I have previously volunteered at an orphanage here in Kenya and my experience gave me good reason to seek voluntary service beyond the borders of my country. I realized that the things we take for granted like having a family and a place to call home are envied by many.

I did Germany language as a subject in high school and I have a B1 certificate. To improve my language skills I use the internet from time to time.

I promise to abide by the rules of the host institution or family, dedicate my time, knowledge and energy to the satisfaction of my host.

Thank you.


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Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr
Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr Digital


Kinder- und Jugendhilfe


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