7 Things You Should Never Do During an Interview

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    • 7 Things You Should Never Do During an Interview

      Job interview questions

      If you are looking for a field engineer, then you need to be prepared for the questions. You should not ask in an interview. Some of the questions raised in a job interview with field service engineers are the following:
      • Your experience in this area?
      • Your educational background?
      • How do you deal with stressful situations?
      • Your terms with your past employer?
      • Why do you want this job?
      • Why do you think this job is right for you?
      Are you up for traveling to far-fetched areas?
      • How good are you at problem-solving etc.?
      Many different questions can be asked. The employer wants to look at you, and he is going to confuse you for that. Make sure you do not mess up.