Cyber Security

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    • Cyber Security

      The digital landscape is ever changing. It exists in a constant state of evolution and revolution, driven by new

      innovations. For consumers this means more convenience, more choice and greater access. For work this means improved

      productivity, more efficient processes, faster problem-solving with greater accountability, and a wealth of opportunity.

      Of course, technology is a double-edged sword!

      Threats to your business' cyber security are thus in a constant state of change and evolution. With each year it seems that

      one business or another has been brought to its knees by malware, security breaches and data theft. Just as legitimate

      software developers are constantly at work devising and refining efficient digital solutions, so are their criminal

      counterparts. Fortunately, for every digital malcontent trying to compromise the networks of legitimate businesses, there's

      A cyber security engineer hard at work on pre-empting their malicious attacks. Nevertheless, it is important for business

      owners to make themselves knowledgeable about the issue of cybersecurity and the tools at their disposal as we head into a

      new year.
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